Can I nominate my own blog?

Absolutely! At long as it meets the basic requirements

Do I have to be a blogger to participate?

Not at all! As long as you’ve read a book review posted on a book blog, have an email address and are willing to explore new book bloggers you’re eligible to vote on November 15th.

If I want my blog to be eligible how do I get started?

Click here for a How-to Book blog walk-through. Keep in mind, you must have at least 4 bookish (reviews, discussions, tags) posts by October 31st. If you put your mind to it, you can do it!

How do I get my award if I win?

As long as your blog has a contact email, you will receive an email with your own preferred size badge to put on your blog by January 31st, 2016.

Does my book blog have to be ONLY about Sci-fi/fantasy, Young Adult, or whichever category of award there is, to be eligible?

No. As long as your readers find you have the best YA reviews, Sci-fi reviews, children’s reviews, you may have all other kinds of reviews on your blog, but you will be nominated for your YA, Sci-fi, or children’s reviews. For example, if you’re nominated for your Sci-fi reviews, it shows your readers find your sci-fi reviews to be top-notch, even if you have children’s and business books, they like you’re sci-fi reviews the best and that is what you were nominated for. If you’re nominating yourself, and you think your YA reviews are superb, you may nominate yourself for that. You may also nominate yourself or be nominated for other awards.

Can my blog be nominated or win more than one award?

Yes! Absolutely!

What if I have a YouTube channel and no blog? Can I still be nominated?

Yes, however you must start a blog using whatever platform you like (WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr etc) and create at least 4 bookish posts. These posts can be just showcasing your book review or bookish videos such as bookish discussions, author study, author interviews, genre studies, critical analyses of literature, etc. Eg. a video post counts as a post. Or, instead of posting videos from your channel, you can write entirely new bookish content for the blog.

How will I know I was nominated?

If your blog has a contact email address, you will receive an email that you were nominated with a badge to place on your blog announcing your nomination.

The Best of the Book Blogosphere 2015 | by M&M Mariam & Quratulain –


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