Nomination Forms for BBA 2016 are LIVE! ‘Til November 30th


Gooooooddd moooorrrnnnniinnggg readers and bloggers!! This is Mariam here, announcing that the nomination forms for the Best of the Book Blogosphere Awards are up and running! See the link at the end of this post.

A few changes come with the Book Blog awards this year.

One, the category of Contemporary and New Adult are now SEPARATE categories.  More and more books about New Adults (18-college age audience) are being printed and has been a separate genre for a few years now.  This year it has its own separate category! Contemporary book blogs will be anything mainsteam adult fiction.

Second, a NEW category of blogs have joined the awards! That is, Film and TV blogs! There have been many many movies adapted to the big screen like The Hunger Games, Divergent, many Stephen King novels, Pride and Prejudice among others. Also a number of books are becoming TV shows, like Vampire Diaries, Alex Haley Roots, and J. K. Rowling’s Comoran Strike novels.  Good stories in novel form in today’s world, inevitability make it to the big screen! The BBA awards are honoring blogs which talk about film and TV with this year! Nominate your favorite TV and Film blogs here!

Thirdly, due to no nominations last year, video game blogs award have been removed.  If there is enough interest, it may be added for the next year.

We hope you are all having a lovely autumn and are as excited about this year’s book blog awards as we are! Start Nominating your favorite book blogs! If you tweet with the hashtag #BookBlogAwards we will retweet it on the main account @BookBlogAwards. Let’s add some book blog love to the social media world!


Link to the Google Forms:







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